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About Coastal Kitchen Cleans in Hastings, East Sussex

Coastal Kitchen Cleans is based in Hastings in the South East of England. We cover Sussex, Kent and London and are happy to travel further if needed. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the kitchen extract industry over the last 20 years so you can trust in the knowledge and expertise of our trained staff.


The team specialises in cleaning kitchen extract systems; from hoods to exhausts, including fan and grease filters. As well as this, we also offer additional services such as air conditioning ductwork cleaning, deep cleaning for commercial kitchens, and commercial oven cleaning.

Hygiene is of paramount importance in any situation but nowhere more so than in a commercial kitchen and associated areas. All cleaning should be carried out to the standard as set out in the guidelines of the Food Hygiene Act 1994.


Fire hazards in kitchen extract systems are common – most fires in a commercial kitchen start in faulty ventilation, due to the build up of fat and grease. Fire can have a devastating effect on a business, as insurance companies may not pay out without a recent Certificate of Cleanliness as provided by Coastal Kitchen Cleans.

It is the legal requirement of your business to prevent such fires from occurring as set out in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Part of this regulation stipulates that grease extract systems must be assessed for fire hazards and extractor fan cleaning carried out as a legal requirement. The workplace should carry out a risk assessment of extraction cleaning once every three, six and twelve months, depending on the amount of use.


Kitchen extract cleaning is probably the most difficult and demanding of all the ventilation hygiene disciplines as ductwork can often be in confined or inaccessible places. To efficiently clean a kitchen extract system, access panels will need to be cut into the ductwork every three metres if needed, then the interior ductwork is thoroughly cleaned using bio-chemicals which are applied to the grease and manually scraped off.

The team at Coastal Kitchen Cleans can carry out this work for you.

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