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Kitchen Extract Cleaning in Hastings, East Sussex

A unclean kitchen extraction system presents a range of problems, from hygiene issues to a serious fire risk. That’s why Coastal Kitchen Cleans provides professional kitchen extract cleaning services for commercial clients throughout Hastings, East Sussex, and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us?

Commercial kitchen extraction systems have an increased risk of fire, odour, vermin and hygiene when compared to general supply and extract systems. This is mainly due to grease build up and general cooking oil deposits that can act as a potential ignition source.

The Health and Safety Executive in conjunction with The Association of British Insurers and BSRIA stipulate that kitchen extract systems should be kept clean to minimise fire and other associated risks. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the level of system usage and the types and quantity of cooking being carried out.

Coastal Kitchen Cleans provides regular testing and cleaning of your kitchen extract system. A Certificate of Cleanliness alone isn't an adequate verification of a system clean, a post clean verification report is also needed to provide evidence of system cleanliness to the HSE & Environmental Health Officers, as well as your buildings insurance assessor to ensure continued validation of your policy.

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Post-Clean Reporting

Any sections of the extract system that can't be accessed need to be highlighted and presented within a comprehensive post-clean report. Our air hygiene post-clean reporting includes the following:

Pre- and Post-Clean Photographic Records

Recommendations for Future Cleaning

Observations on the Condition of the Ductwork System

A Schematic of the System, Detailing:

Locations of Access Doors

Inaccessible Areas of the System

Written Explanation as to Why a Thorough Clean Couldn't Be Achieved

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